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Welcome to one of the best hotels in Ayodhya. Shriram Hotel was founded in 1982. Shriram Hotel now offers entertainment spaces, restaurants, travel agency, well appointed accomodation and much more. With everything offered within the hotel, it’s the perfect retreat away from the busyness of the ghats. Quality, Service, Family, Integrity, and Greatness. Quality is defined in the elegant surroundings and remarkable food provided at the hotel with consistent, extraordinary service. As a family owned and operated business, our sense of community and family is extended to our employees as well as guests. By respecting our guests and employees the business elevates everyone's experience. We are constantly striving to improve by being open and receptive to feedback and change, which keeps us in integrity. This in turn, makes our customers’ experience a memorable and great one.

Hotel facilities

Staff trained in firefighting drill. Security arrangements for all hotel entrance.
Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Laundry service, Business center, Room service, Kid-friendly.
Local directions to hotel including city/street maps to be available.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Public Area and kitchen fully serviced daily.
Lounge or seating area in the lobby, with heating and cooling.
Full time operation 7 days a week in season. 24hrs lifts for buildings higher than ground plus two floors.

Reception facility manned minimum 16 hours a day.
Call service 24 hrs.

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