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Kanak Bhawan

Kanak Bhawan is one of the finest temples in Ayodhya and is a must visit. It is believed that this Bhawan was gifted to Sita by Kaikei immediately after her marriage. Vikramaditya got it renovated. Later it was rebuilt/renovated by Vrishbhanu Kunwari, the Queen of Tikamgarh in the year 1891, which exists even today. The main temple is built around an open court in which stands the small shrine of Rampada. The main idols installed in the garbhgrih (sanctum), are of Lord Ram & Devi Sita. The sanctum is very beautifully decorated.

Guptar Ghat

This ghat is located at a distance of 10 km from Ayodhya and 5 km from Faizabad, railway station on the bank of River Saryu in Faizabad, U.P., India. It is believed that Lord Rama proceeded to heaven from here only with his body & soul. Here a series of well maintained magnificent ghats have been built by King Darshan Singh in the first half of 19th century. These ghats & nearby Company Garden are the main attractions for the tourists, which can also be accessed from Guptar Ghat by boat. Ram Janaki temple, Charan Paduka temple (old), Narsingh temple and Hanuman temples are located on the ghat.

Shri Ram Janm Bhumi

Tourist place

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Bada bhakt maal

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Darshan Bhawan

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Janaki Mahal

Kanak Bhawan


Katari Temple

Ram ki pairi

Ranopali Temple

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